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TweakVista combines effective optimization tools and innovative measures to customize your system settings to enhance the performance of your Vista operating system. With every new release of Windows, Microsoft increases the power as well as the complexity of its market dominating operating system. Hence, TweakVista is worth being installed to your PC so as to enhance your work productivity as the configuration can be tailored to match your personal needs. The best part of Stardock?s TweakVista is that it automatically prompts enhancement recommendations, and they are easily implemented with an easy ?one click? update rather than complex configuration change measures. TweakVista requires PC with at least 512MB of system memory for optimum operation

TweakVista is an all-in-one control panel for your Vista computer. You can set a user profile according to what use you will make of your PC, for example playing games extensively. The program also allows you to tweak Internet and power performances, depending on your habits. TweakVista?s impressive assessment tools benchmarks your PCs capabilities so that you can take informed corrective decisions. It utilizes the inbuilt startup monitor to analyze problems, and all slow processes that take longer to start / shutdown are highlighted.

TweakVista?s cluttered interface ? especially the welcome screen and its news lists and recommendations ? is annoying. Stuck with a fixed size, its program window cannot be resized and you cannot scroll down its list of programs either. When utilizing its system profile tool, if you set your PC to a very aggressive mode, it might crash.

Awarded Microsoft?s prestigious ?Certified for Windows Vista?, Stardock's TweakVista software is setting new performance standards for Windows Vista. TweakVista enhances the Vista experience in a most favourable way. People use their computer for various purposes ? for work, as a media interface, and for gaming. By choosing an appropriate user profile from those included within TweakVista, you can easily change settings to optimize the PC for your individual usage at a specific time. This greatly enhances PC performance.

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